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Hey guys, I'm just getting into bikes and need a few sugestions on an issue.
I am 18 years old and have been into cars all my life. About a year ago i started paying attention to bikes when I saw the yamaha R6 add in my hot rod magazine. I startec reading up on them a little but never considered getting one myself till I met a friend at a party who rides. He was new to the area so I took him out to show him a few roads he could ride his bike on. I was driving my car and he would follow behind, or pass me up if I was going too slow. While watching him in the rear view mirror I fell in love with the sport I have never tried. In a car you are simply turning a wheel and and picking a line. There is nothing else involved, but on a bike your whole body flows with the bike over the road, it just looks so graceful. I would try to smooth out my driving in my car but I could never match the fluid movement of a bike. I need one.
I talk to everyone I know that rides, and most of them have came up with this answer:
With your size, if you were to get a 600cc as a first bike you would be trading it in within a year for a 1000cc.
I'm 6'4 and about 270lbs. This makes sence to me but it also doesnt. I feel I would be able to control myself on a 1000cc bike but since I have never ridden one I don't know for sure. I know I am a fast learner when it comes to most motor vehicles, but most things I have controlled don't have the ability to create bodily harm as easy as a motorcycle. I would also enjoy being able to learn how to control a bike without the fear of so much power waiting for me to make a mistake resting under me, but I also am a man and don't want to look like an idiot on a 600cc as big as I am. I hope you see the delima I'm in.
So the question for you people is. From what I've read on this forum the R1 isn't the best bike for rookies like me, and I will gladely listen to that, but what is the most forgiving 1000cc out there? I read somewhere that V-twins are easier to control, is there any truth behind this? Just whatever you feel like throwing out there would help me greatly, thank you.
I know I will be labeled a squid and most of you will ignore this, but we all have to start somewhere, and I know the first part of this post makes it look like I am a wreckless punk behind the wheel of a car endangering the lives of everyone around me, but please try to understand where I am coming from.
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i got u man i was the same way. all i got to say is that you wont look stupid at all on a 600 and it wont boar you unless you let it. it sounds like you want to actually learn to ride and not just go in a straight line so id say even with your size a modern 600 should be good. IMHO
Dont know where u read the part about the R1 being the best bike for begginers m8 , but sounds like your trying to learn to walk before u can crawl ..get a 600cc first m8 , ride it for couple years get maybe odd track day ,take a bike course ,then and only then think about a 1000cc bike ..btw i been riding since 1977 and only just got my first brand spanking R1....patience is a virtue and may also save your life ..good luk m8
Dude, I give you props for posting this. Hopefully the pain isnt too bad from the heat you might receive! There are absolutely too many post on the r1-forum from guys just like you. There isnt much to add to whats been said before. Re-read the previous threads. Good luck on your desission!

Gazzy, I said *isn't* the best bike for a beginer, I dont mean to be an asshole towards you. Just trying to figure out if there is any liter bike that I could realisticly ride as a first bike, but seems there is no such bike.
soz its early mornin m8 aint @ my best:)
i had a r6 2003 last year nice bike but i would not even go for that for a first 600cc bike i found it personally less forgivin than the R1 specially when stopped and turning corners u need lots of throttle control and the wheel lock aint that great on the R6 ..i would..few of my m8ts have got the suzuki sv650 nice ride lots of power and more forgiving if u make a mistake ...just my 2 cents worth :)
Mclaren, I see you live in Roseville. If you ever get the chance I live about an hours north of you in a shitty town called Oroville. There is some nice roads I can show you if you ever want to stop by. Here are some links of them. Cherokee is crazy, the guy does a good job on describing it.




Don't know if you already know about these, but it's always nice to be introduced to a fun road.
DO NOT attempt to learn to ride on an R1.

Lemme say that again....

DO NOT attempt to learn to ride on an R1.

She's the most beautiful yet unforgiving creature I have ever known.

Your'e a big guy, as I am. I have been riding since 16, I'm now 28. I started with the 600's. For a new rider, this is the way to go. I cannot express in words what is gained by starting small and working your way up. An R1 requires the utmost repect of a rider, the minute you don't respect her, she will chew you up and spit you out. You sound like a bright kid with some self control. Self control is not enough. Generally speaking, a 6 is a little more forgiving. YOU WILL need a lil forgiveness when learning to ride. I did, we all did. It's part of the learning process. Riding well requires confidence, a great of which deal is lost when riding a machine that posseses capabilities beyond your skills. Buy an R6. Take courses. Ride with those who ride well. Learn from them. I personally believe the learning curve is greatly retarded when starting out on a machine with far more raw power than needed for a beginner. You remind me of myself 12 years ago. I recall watching my friends ride and being in complete awe. Big, powerful, graceful machines sweeping through the twisties and blurring in the straits. I too "had to have one." It's an addiction, it's a therapy for the mind and the soul. It's a gift from god.

Listen to us.

Learn to crawl before you walk.

Keep the sticky side down.

And for cryin' out loud.... WEAR LEATHER!!!

Just my thoughts, and I may very well be a complete idiot.

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Get out the mindset you need a litre bike, sport 600's are pumping out around 120 bhp. 3.6 or 3.2 sec from 0 - 60 mph aint much different. If you think a 600 aint enough it will end up giving you a spank!!
Any thought on the GSX 750 or GSX 600? How do they stack up against the R6?
If you sit on a 600 or any newer 1000 cc there is very little size difference if any at all. Any 600 will be more than enough and if you have no dirt bike history it is too much. Would you learn to drive in Mustang with over 1200 hp because thats the power to weight ratio you're getting into with a modern 600cc bike.
Get your self a YZF600R and learn on it. That bike will have plenty of power for your size and won't get you into trouble as bad as the bikes you have listed. Take the MSF and after you think you mastered the YZF, run a track day. It'll blow your mind on how well the bike will perform.:fact

***Puts on flame suit, runs and hides*** :bandit
Dematrax said:
Any thought on the GSX 750 or GSX 600? How do they stack up against the R6?
The Gixxer 750 is way to much to start out on... it doninates over the 600

I think you should get yourself an Suzuki SV650 and start out on that... has plenty of power and a lot of guys end up using it as a track bike.

I had on... it was awesome... I would have kept it... if it were not for an accident and being strapped for cash.
Go for the Katana 600. It's a big bike but also a 600, it may fit you size wise better. Very forgiving but has lots of platic to trash if you drop it. There are alot of used one's out there and you can get one for a good price.
I agree with crammer...The YZF 600R is the perfect bike in your situation. Its plenty fast , better midrange power than the R6 up to about 10000 rpm, and awesome ergos. You also have to consider ergos since this will be your first bike. Since you're pretty tall, you don't want to feel too cramped on your first bike. Buy a used 600R or a CBR F4. Ride it for about a year and learn, take the msf course, do some track days. These bikes can haul azz! Don't ever think that you can outgrow a modern 600. Not many people can.
Buy a used 600... Ride it for at least a year... Sell if for about the same amount you bought it for... Buy a litre bike... I'm 215 (225 winter) and don't have any problem hauling ass on a 600... I sold my litre bike partially because I enjoy my 600 more...

- BA
Thanks guys, there was almost no making fun of me on that entire thread which is a lot better than I expected. I will deffinatly look into your guys sugestions. And about the motorcycle safety course, where I live there is a program to go take a MSF and get your license at the same time so I plan to do that.
Once again thanks for all the input.
the only thing i have to offer about 600 vs liter

the 600s are actually faster in the turns because of the lighter bike with more hp to weight issue

this makes them quite a bit easier to "flick" through the turns and generally easier to ride(read:forgiveness)

as was said earlier you will need that forgiveness--buy the 600 have fun with it and if later down the road you abosuletly positively must have the 1--be damn sure your ready for her cuz while she is a sexy bitch she can really be a bitch
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