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DO NOT attempt to learn to ride on an R1.

Lemme say that again....

DO NOT attempt to learn to ride on an R1.

She's the most beautiful yet unforgiving creature I have ever known.

Your'e a big guy, as I am. I have been riding since 16, I'm now 28. I started with the 600's. For a new rider, this is the way to go. I cannot express in words what is gained by starting small and working your way up. An R1 requires the utmost repect of a rider, the minute you don't respect her, she will chew you up and spit you out. You sound like a bright kid with some self control. Self control is not enough. Generally speaking, a 6 is a little more forgiving. YOU WILL need a lil forgiveness when learning to ride. I did, we all did. It's part of the learning process. Riding well requires confidence, a great of which deal is lost when riding a machine that posseses capabilities beyond your skills. Buy an R6. Take courses. Ride with those who ride well. Learn from them. I personally believe the learning curve is greatly retarded when starting out on a machine with far more raw power than needed for a beginner. You remind me of myself 12 years ago. I recall watching my friends ride and being in complete awe. Big, powerful, graceful machines sweeping through the twisties and blurring in the straits. I too "had to have one." It's an addiction, it's a therapy for the mind and the soul. It's a gift from god.

Listen to us.

Learn to crawl before you walk.

Keep the sticky side down.

And for cryin' out loud.... WEAR LEATHER!!!

Just my thoughts, and I may very well be a complete idiot.

1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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