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Well, I got a set of Avon Azaro tires. I am also going with the 180 rear for quicker turn in and higher arch profile. I know the Avons arent the best tire out there, but on the street I'm sure I'll be alright. In any case, the Dunlop Representative told me the OEM 208's had about as much grip as the 205 sport touring tire. I've pushed them pretty hard and they did alright. I know the Avons got those beat.

you might be asking yourself, why not michilen, or some D207's, yea I will get those for sure in the future. However, I paid a great price for the Avons, "Free" $0.00
So why not. I'm going to a track day later this month too, I'm gonna see how far they can go.

Also, I unscrewed my peg feelers and put them in their proper place, the trash can. Those things suck.
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