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here it is,the mail i got(register as a member before)
price on the left is before and right is actual.
(prices are gbp)

Dear Mail Member,
Suit Sale !
We are kicking off the new season with a clearance of last years suits at massive savings off the list price.If you are in the market for a new suit this coming year now's the time to bag yourself a genuine bargain.Check out what's on offer from the list below.Simply click on the suit name / link and it will take you straight to the offer page where as a mail member you can order at these preferential prices.
N.B As these are the last of our stock, sizes are limited.
In order to find out what sizes we have available, go to the appropriate page, make your choice and 'add to basket'.If we don't have your size,a pop-up message will tell you.

List Members Price
Dainese 'Brave' 2 piece suit 599.95 379.95
Dainese 'Brave' 1 piece suit 649.95 389.95
Dainese 'Motegi' 2 piece suit 679.95 379.95
Dainese 'TH1' 2 piece suit 749.95 479.95
Dainese ' Silver Spark' 2
piece suit 599.95 359.95
'K' Two piece Suit 699.95 549.95
'K' one piece suit
729.95 599.95
'Safety Pro' one piece suit 789.95 499.95
'Protech' one piece suit 999.95 699.95

As is our usual policy we will not mail to anyone other than our mail members who have requested us to do so. If having received this you would rather not receive further mail / offers from us, please send a blank email to [email protected] .co.uk and we will remove you from our mailing list.

Regards, Bob Gibbons
Sondel Sport Ltd
Tel: ++ 020 7700 0310
Fax: ++ 020 7609 4216
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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