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I was out at a local spot , where we have a 1 mile road course.
After riding for a while and getting tired of exiting turns with the front tire in the air, i ventured off to the gas station to fill up to add some weight to the front.
As i returned, i pulled up to our group, and noticed there was around 10 more bikes, that arrived.
Before i could get my helmet off, one of our guys, Which is a die hard kaw rider and one of the fastest in our group, began to beat me on the head tellin me to go get them.
I was a little confused not knowing what the hell he was talkin about, but he pointed out a group of 4 bikes coming down the straight, And said get them.???
So as they went by i pulled on the track behind them, So by the time i got on they were already around the next 2 turns.After 2-3 laps i had caught up.
The guy on a gixxer 1k was the first i was all but rubbin his tire in a left hander, exiting the turn all i saw was his tag that read badgxr:lol , And his eyes in the mirrors, like where the hell i came from.
Down the straight, well you can guess what happened then, now he"s in my mirrors.
1 down 3 to go.
the next one was easy just came up on him in a turn, he went wide i went low.
2 down 2 to go.
Now i was behind a Green jacket and a Green bike, As well as another gxr 1k.
In the time of about 2 more laps these 2 bikes were in the distance about a hundred yards behind me.
They pull off and i make 2-3 more laps.
meanwhile Dan my kawi buddy, is over talkin to the guy i passed on the green bike, asking him what happened.
This is where it gets funny.
The guy was complaining of being on stock street tires, and everyone else on race tires BLAH<BLAH<BLAH:lol
As i pull up dan points at my front tire and says he"s on stocks as well.
What i didnt know, and the whole point of this long story is.
The green one was a ZX-10.
That made my whole day:D
Just thought i"d share that with the fellow , R-1 lovers.
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