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Got my Sit in the mail today

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Well I got my Lazer light bolts and LED break lights in today. I will be installing them along with the white faced tack that I got from Twisted Logic. I will post pics when I am done.
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Ok I just got back tonight from being out of state doing all the family stuff. I will take some pics in the morning and post them.
Well here are some pics for you guys to look at. The first one is the front of my bike apart. I wanted to clean it up under there since I had the tack off the bike.
Here is the tack apart with the new face on it.
Thanks Twisted Logic for the hook up on the tack
juttsr1 said:
tach looks awsome. how much did you pay for that?:eek:
I got my used from twisted but just go here http://www.graphicartmotodesign.com/gages/guages.htm
ChampionR1 said:
I got mine in blue :rock

The blue one looks nice.
1 - 12 of 22 Posts
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