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Spot on............

The guy who wrote the tic for the visor was just being a pure ass. The guy with the turn signal was probably curious or looking for something else and just used that as an excuse. Turn signals are a good thing but not enough to be bothering folk. But if it were me I would have just said , I just wanted to check out the bike. I was talking with some motor guys and they told me this week how much they think all us crotchrocket types (assholes) were hated amongst the motorcycle cops. I told them they had power envy , but they said that it was the fact that so many of us just wheelie past , when they get a chance to nab one they take it. No matter how small the infraction they will hammer you to make up for the ones that got away. I made a case that the cruiser guys are more of a group of assholes because they are more likely to be driving drunk than any of us. We for the most part are fully cognizant that we're breaking the law, but if we **** up we also know that we'll take most of the hurt. I at least tried to " represent" for the " crotchrocket asshole clan".
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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