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woollyman said:
Who is the guy Rossi is always seen with in the pits? He looks Italian, wears big sunglasses, looks like he could be Rossi's brother...?
Thats Ucio Salucci. He's Rossi's best friend(from Pre School) and he's there for that purpose,to be his mate. Not for technical advice,just for general convo and help Vale relax. He also drives the motorhome between races in Europe,cleans his leathers(changes visors and so on);also his dad runs the Rossi Fan Club.


PS:Alot may have noticed how Rossi has "Tribu de Chihuahua" across the top of his visor,this is like his close "family" as such,and Ucio is one of these 10 people:yesnod
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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