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Installed a set of Graves flush mounts as I wanted the cosmetic upgrade and still wanted running lights. I also upgrading with a Valter Moto fender eliminator with their turn signals. Finally I used a Custom LED flasher relay. Here's my problem, I now have running lights in addition to the rear turn signals and the green turn signal display above the tachometer is constantly lit. I was told that the flush mounts have no diode isolation ( I was surprised that a Graves product would lack this) and that the running light voltage is back feeding into the turn signal circuit, does anyone have a solution or a similar problem? I think I'm going to try the Blinker Genie, but it's strange that its a product for a two wire turn signal/running light set up for a turn signal that already is a 3 wire. Plus I've looked over and can't seem to understand how to properly wire them. Any help would be appreciated
2006 R1
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