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Pics to come tommorow.

#1 GP Shifting 2 Words - Kick A$$. I don't know how I ever lived with out it. Took about 30 Mins to learn. Dumped it pulling into Sonic Friday night in front of about 30 bikes, cuz I went down to 3rd instead of up to 1st. :bash
#2 What's up with not being able to hook up the brake light switch to the rear brake?
#3 Possible Adjustment? Feel very little feedback from the brake, it is either off, or 100% on in about a 2 Centi Meter movement. Is this just the way it is?

Over All - They Rule...:jump :jump

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I've had Graves rearsets on all my R1's,including my 04. Been very satisfied with all of them. Obviously designed for track use, no brake light hook-up is provided. Just use your front brake,as it still activates the light. Rear brake pedal travel is short, and rear brake action isn't very sensitive. Thats the way it should be in order to prevent rear wheel lock-up. Just my .02 worth.
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