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Great Insurance Quote for my new 04 !!

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:fact I just went to Progressive Insurance Online (America's #1 motorcycle insurance company). Punched in my information for my new 2004 Yamaha R1....and I was quoted the unbelievably low price of $13,872.77 a year.:scared Awsome rate, isn't it ? Im sure somewhere in the fine print it says that the money will go towards a new 2005 r1 at the end of the year. If anyone else wants this sooper dooper deal,,, send me an email to "[email protected]":thumbup
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DWAYNE said:
wow I thought my super rate was the best at 6750.00 a year.
Ahhhhh, Haaaa !! My rate is better that yours...
I'm the happiest rider in So. Cali :riding <--- See me smiling!
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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