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gregg's flushmount and libertek relay

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Hi guys,

I have a problem with gregg's flushmount. My left flushmount doesn't do anything. The right one is flashing.
I have installed the libertek relay and I think its working well. I can adjust the flashing rate with the screw.

I have switched the flushmount and still the left one doesn't work. (so the gregg's are oke)

The red light is flashing on the relay (Is that normal if installation is done))

Is there a problem with a fuse?

I hope some one can help.

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come one guys!!! no one??
kc1717 said:
yeah the relay appears to be fine,...get a DMM and test where the left problem is comming from
Sorry but what is a DMM? I'am from holland so my english is not that well.
r1bong said:
DMM=Digital Multi Meter i think but check your ground wire first.
A DMM (Digital Multi Meter) of corse!! I have connected the ground wire to the - of the battery. Is that oke? Maybe its not good connected.

Someone had this before?
Is this a good place to wire the ground? (white circle)


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Magnus said:
Yes, that is where I have my relay grounded...at the battery

Check your connections at the turn signal.
Thanks i needed that!! One more question. The right fluchmount is flashing so the fuse is oke?? Do i have that correct?

Hi guys,

My problems are solved. I switched the wires from the flushy :iamwithst

I also have installed the Dr. X. Extreme Kit. It :rock :rock

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