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Guess what I put a deposit on yesterday

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oh yeah! A Silver 02 R1

And how is this for insurance?
02 Yamaha R1
$250.53 w/$0 ded comprehensive $50 collision

And this is a 6 month policy :rock
I am going now to the credit union to get me some money :thumbup
Wish me luck!
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500 bucks a year?! man, you're getting ripped off. i only pay like 1700-1800 a year.

oh wait ... I'M getting ripped off!!!! :mad:
Congratulations. Are you going to trade in the 750?
ny2nj said:
Congratulations. Are you going to trade in the 750?
Take a look in my sig pic on the right side and see what happened to my 750 3 weeks ago :(
Who is your Ins. with?

You must be:D all the to the way to the bank, cause ya know what's comin:thumbup


wow long night sorry for all the edits(maybe I should use that spell check):confused:

They only insure military personel though
Shadow One said:

They only insure military personel though
What about ex-military?
Shadow1, next week, new sig pics right? :rock
$500/ year even after you already totalled a bike. Thats pretty sweet deal.
Someone said:

What about ex-military?
Not sure but what is the worse that they can tell you :cool:
Congrats on the new bike. Are you anywhere near Greenwood, SC? I have relatives out there and get out that way ussually at least once a month for a weekend.

If you are anywhere close I would let you know when I bring my bike and we could put a few miles on. I am always looking for some new and intersting roads.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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