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It's all about the lean angle
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I can see ASE bringing out another whole set of certifications just for motorcycle techs to certify them. In a way that would be a good idea so you could at least know there is some skill level there in your local dealership/garage. But it just seems like every time I turn around ASE has hiked the price of testing again. And everytime I take the tests all I can think is man these tests slant toward GM so bad it's pethetic even though they say they are "universal". Glad my dealership pays for mine personally. I can see ASE tests for motorcycles would slant toward Harleys.:crash For those of you that don't know ASE certifications expire every 5 yrs.

So that said... Wondering who on here wrenches for a living like me and what certifications you have or had in the past. What is your breed of choice to wrench on? Would you try your hand at motorcycle certification tests if they put them out? Wonder if I can get my dealership to pay for mine?

Scott 37 yrs old
Toyota is my prefered breed to wrench on
2yrs Toyota of Knoxville
3yrs Ted Russell Hyundai/Nissan
10yrs+ Gene Reed Toyota (currently)

ASE Master Technician (8) certifications
+ L1 (advanced engine performance)
M1 (assembly machinist)

Master Hyundai Technician 16 certifications

Master Toyota Technician 38 certifications classes and
39 online test modules.
Hybrid certified on Prius, Camry, and Highlander
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