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Having been a motorcyclist interested in sportbikes for many years, I had always been a fan of the R1 in pretty much all of its incarnations, but I'd never owned one. Around 2012 I had sold my Speed Triple and was looking for another reasonably practical bike to replace it, my leading candidate being the Ninja 1000.

Then I heard one of the crossplane R1's being ridden in anger, and I knew, practical or not, that it would be my next bike.

Being a big MotoGP, and Rossi, fan, I was naturally drawn to the 2010 LE model. I talked to some of the local dealers about leftover models but they all wanted too much money for a bike that was ~2 years old. I was getting a little discouraged, when I found a completely stock used LE on this forum with ~600 miles on it at a crazy low asking price.

My dad and I went down to take a look at the bike, and it wound up being basically new, with an owner highly motivated to sell. I didn't hesitate and we wound up bringing it home that day.

Bringing her home:

All stock:

After spending some time with the bike and knowing that I wanted to keep it for awhile, I started looking for ways to improve it for my riding style. I really wanted a bike that I can do long day rides on for anywhere from 300~500 miles. This is why I was initially looking for something more like a sport-tourer, but I felt like that R1 could fill these needs for me with some minor changes.

The ZG screen, Heli-bars, and Vortex rearsets all moved the ergonomics to something that was truly all-day comfortable, and I've done ~12 hours in the saddle without any real problems.

The rest of the mods were focused on improving the bike's rideability and addressing some of the weaker points - namely the stock suspension and the brakes. The rideability was greatly improved through ECU flashing, with the bike now unbelievably smooth and powerful. The single biggest improvement for the suspension was the addition of the Sato adjustable rear linkage. Raising the rear of the bike by ~12mm really improved the turn-in and mid-corner response and really improved my confidence during cornering. New pads and SS lines were a great improvement for the front brakes, but the RCS master was what really made them phenomenal.

As she sits today:

With the bike's current setup, all-day rides from Nashville to The Gap and back are no problem and really good fun.

Full Mod List

Zero Gravity Corsa Windscreen w/ Custom LE-Style Graphics
Greggs Customs Mirror Block-offs
CRG Folding Bar-End Mirror
Yamaha Solo Seat Cowl
Custom LED Integrated Rear Brake Light
Watsens Front LED Signals
Lacomoto SBK Carbon Rear Hugger
Lacomoto Carbon Swingarm Covers
Evotech Billet Rear Axle Nut
Evotech Billet Triple Clamp Nut
TWM Billet Quick Turn Gas Cap
Reflective White Rim Stripes
Driven Swingarm Spools

GB Racing Case Covers
GYTR Frame Sliders
Motovation USA Clutch Sliders
Motovation USA Front Axle Sliders
Motovation USA Rear Axle Sliders
Rizoma Bar End Sliders
Cox Radiator Guard
ProGrip Clear Tank Protector

Pazzo Billet Clutch Lever
Heli-Bar Bar Risers
Vortex Billet Rear-Sets w/ Graves Return Spring
Tech-Spec Tank Pads

Driven Front/Rear Sprockets (16/43)
Driven Rear Sprocket Nuts
EK 3D Chain
Graves Front Sprocket Cover
Lightech Chain Adjusters

Ohlins FGRT206 Forks
Ohlins YA931 Shock
Ohlins Steering Damper
Sato Adjustable Rear Suspension Linkage
O.Z. Racing Piega Forged Aluminum Wheels

Brembo RCS19 Front Master Cylinder
Brembo Underslung Rear Caliper
Carrozerria Underslung Caliper Bracket w/ Galfer SS Line
Braking Rear Wave Rotor
Pro-Bolt SS Rear Caliper Bolts
Goodridge SS Front Lines
Carbon Loraine SBK5 Front Pads
No-Mar Rear Brake Reservoir Hanger
Braking WK2 Front Rotors

Leo Vince SBK Carbon Slip-Ons
Leo Vince Mid-Pipe
Flashtune ECU Re-Flash
Shorai Lithium Battery

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One of the biggest challenges in getting the bike the way I wanted it was replacing the stock screen with a Zero Gravity Corsa screen while maintaining the stock look. The LE number graphics can't be purchased from Yamaha (and wouldn't fit the different contour of the ZG anyway), so I worked with a local sign shop to match the white color for the numberplate and then found a replica '46' decal that I thought would work. Overall, I'm happy with the final product:


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Some pretty tasty updates for the Spring with some help from SBK Unlimited.

I love the way the wheels look with the Fiat bodywork. I was a little hesitant to go with gold, but now I can't imagine going any other way. The combination of new tires with the lighter wheels really makes the bike effortless in changing direction, and the speeds needed to make the bike feel like it's working in corners is just stupid fast.

I can't wait to get her over to the mountains in the next couple of weeks to go on a 'real' ride.
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