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Just wondering if anyone has bought it yet from tobefast.com from Canada.

Reason I ask is this.. as bad as I want it.. I question it's worth after the US Government has its way with us Canadians...

you see this is my delimma.

Custom LED 2004 R1 TailLight
$189.99 $189.99

Libertek Flasher Relay
$39.99 $39.99

Order Total

Merchandise Total: $229.98

Order Total: $229.98

Tax and Shipping Not Included
So.. that is NOT SO BAD AT ALL..

BUT... Then.. factor in US Exchange.. that equals $310.57 CDN...

Then... factor in Taxes... ? Shipping??? Duty???
Brokerage Fee's... (All in US Dollars of course) and what you have.. is a pair of rear signal lights.. That cost us poor Canadians OVER 400 DOLLARS... Yes... its quite shocking isnt it? So that Original $229.98.. is not such a sweet deal for us...It doesnt matter how cool they are.. There aint a SET IN THE WORLD worth $400+ dollars! Tell me I'm wrong..

So.. if there is anyone out there that has devised a way that makes us shopping in the States.. Economical... PLEASE.. Educate me...

And would love to ehar from any fellow Canucks that have in fact done the above.. and let me know what you paid when it was all said and done!
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