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I recently purchased a used Brembo billet 16x18 radial clutch master to replace the stock cast radial which is prone to bleeding issues. I received a great deal price wise although the stock lever and adjustment knob had a bit of damage from an off. The actual master doesn't have a scratch on it. I already had a set of gold CRG levers on both clutch and brake and I really liked the gold. I didn't want one rashed black/silver clutch and one gold brake lever. Problem is, no one makes a gold lever for the Brembo race stuff, or so I thought. CRG only offered their levers in gray and I was told none of the Pazzo levers worked with the billet 16x18.

So I contacted Mike at CTS Moto directly as they had a lever for the cast radials and he thought they might also fit the billet forged stuff. So I volunteered to send my clutch master in to see if it'd work. I sent in the CRG lever to ensure the Pazzo gold matched the CRG gold. In return, Mike set me up with a free clutch lever for my efforts.

Once everything arrived, Mike informed me the golds did not match. I switched to black and then Mike offered to throw in a matching brake lever as well! So I switched to titanium, with a red adjuster for the brake which looked really good with the billet Brembo clutch master.

The adjustment knob, which showed a bit of rash, was whittled down a bit by mike, re-knurled and painted black. Looks brand-spankin new. I was extremely stoked when I ripped the box open at work and saw the quality of the parts. Just a really nice job overall. Mike even laser engraved the Pazzo in black on the brake lever. Managed to get everything installed over lunch break today so here's a few pics! Can't recommend CTS/Pazzo enough, they really have superior customer service. Now I have to upgrade the brake radial to a matching billet unit!


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