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Gonna be a dumb one to alot of you, but I dunno the answer, so here goes:

I see alot of you have the stands that attach to your front and rear wheels. Why use these instead of the kickstand?

I know, I know, dumb question to probably 99.999% of ya'll.

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Because the bike would crash through the wall of my garage if I tried to lube the chain with it on the side stand.

(Anybody remember when bikes had center stands, too?)

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They're called work stands, and ironically that's their intended use. No, they don't do the work for you. Rather they allow you access to attend to components/tasks such as chain lubing, tyre removal, easier access to oil drain plug, etc.

Not only do they allow this access, but equally if not more importantly they hold the bike secure whilst working on it. Thus preventing the major suckage of a tip-over.

If you don't have a set you should. If money is tight, start by purchasing the rear stand first... you will need it the most. And front stands are not reccomended w/o the use of a rearstand.

I even hoist it (R1) up on 'em whilst washing because it allows me to turn the wheels thus saving me from having to roll the bike around the driveway.:D

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