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Ok I know this is bad, but depending on the road condition and my state of mind, if i was going down the road at 160mph, testing out my bikes speed, and flew past a cop, I very well might just keep going.

Maybe I am going to get canned and ripped a new one on this forum for saying that or asking about it.

Have any of you got an cool cop dodging stories no matter how small?


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every 1 here speeds i mean wtf im not gonna stop and say here Take me to jail take my license.... :lol -=Rage Against The Machine=- made a song for this very situation"**** the Police" i would just keep on rollin:yesnod

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My favorite was when some of the crazest and more experenced guys whent out looking for trouble. A cop stopped at a green light waiting for them(cough) to pass. They wated for the light to change agan he did not budge he hadnt seen them do anything rong so he had no right to follow. Everyone looked around then nine people pulled simulatious wheelies without talking about it. Several were shoing a finger. They raced down to the next light Stoped and let him catch up. Pulled a uie right as he got close and sped the other way stopped at the red light agan- waited at the same light agan and took off. Pretty funny.
Unfortunatly I also know somone who tried running got away twice then got busted with 13 tickets and a felony eluding ticket. One of the guys in the first story also got a knock on his door sometime later- he made a habit of doing that kind of thing.

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What if you are the cops?????????

I was on my way home from some "consulting". It was about 330am and I was at warp 9 (164 earth mph), on the toll expressway. I could see the trooper sitting in the median and let off the twist and sat up into the wind. When I got to the point where I was passing him , I was still above 100mph. I knew there was another 3 miles of clear expressway and when I looked in the left mirror I saw the headlights come on and the bubbles light up. I said what the hell and whacked it back open. Over a few rises and around a sweeper at warp 7 and I was at my exit. As I cleared the ramp and rolled out in the street , I had a few blocks to my subdivision. When I went to make the left into my block I looked back and saw the lights flash by on the overpass heading north and far away from me.

*disclaimer* : solidus , does not endorse this behavior and would not reccomend eluding law enforcement officials. However it's not really crime if you never get caught,just accept the consequences of your actions if you do.

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There was a video posted on a Lightning Forum I frequent, that was of various bike, one being an R1 that passed by a trooper at some incredible speeds, he then got off the freeway, got back on going the other way (or onto a different freeway), went 140+ then got off again, and the vid. ended. Moral to the story, #1 make sure you can get away, #2 The trooper didn't even budge!! Sure it's wrong and illegal to speed, but hell, even the trooper knew that there was NO chance in hell catching up to the guy.

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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (from the US), real men woke up one morning, looked out the window and thought to themselves: "what a fucking nice day for a ride". Real men are inclined to do that when they have an R1 in the garage (next to the R6). :p

Alas, the day was a Sunday, but real men aren't put off by simple facts like that. To the hills they went, in search of "the favourite road".

Up in the hills, real men noticed that there were an unusual number of Subaru WRX cages, all getting in the way. Real me shrugged to themselves and thought: "What the ****!?" before blowing them away.

After 4 runs back and forward along their favourite road, real men decided it was time to head for home. They promised themselves they'd try to adjust back to legal limits, just in case Mr Police Man was in the area. It was a Sunday, after all.

Back to a 60 km/hr limit. Gosh, that's slow, real men thought. As the limit changed to 80 km/hr real men were closer to the limit, thinking to themselves that they'd better slow down a bit more. Just as these thoughts were racing through real men's brains, one noticed a box mounted externally on the B-pillar of one of the (many) Subaru WRX cages going the other way.

Real men aren't dumb. They recognise a reverse radar when they see one. "FUUUUUUCK" thought real men, glancing down at the speedo, only to see too many numbers. "Jeeeesus, why does this bike have to go so fast", muttered real men to themselves.

Peering into the rear vision mirrors, real men saw the unmarked police car pull to the side of the road. At this point, real men decided that they didn't want to be in the area no more and it was time to get the **** out of there. After all, what proof was there that real men had seen the unmarked police car. All WRX's have anonymous boxes on the outside, don't they?

A twist of the right wrist had real men back up to a nice speed. Real men checked the mirrors. No sign of Mr Plod. "Yeee-haaaah!" thought real men.

A few corners later, real men sensed that they had got away. "Phew", they thought as they came up behind a white 4WD. Approaching the crest of a hill, with no-over-taking lines, real men decided that it would be safest to sit behind the 4WD until it was safe to pass. Real men don't need to kill themselves. After all, the 4WD and real men were coming up to an intersection, the other side of which lay freedom. Real men like freedom.

Just as real men were savouring the taste of freedom, they noticed some sign written letters on the back of the 4WD. The letters spelt the word: P - O - L - I - C - E. "FUUUUUUCK" thought real men, counselling themselves to stay calm. The 4WD was a local police vehicle whereas the WRX would be a TOG (Transport Operations Group = Nasty Mother Fucker) vehicle.

At the intersection, with freedom just metres away, the 4WD had to give way to vehicles on the highway they were crossing. As the 4WD moved clear, real men breathed a sigh of relief as they saw clear road ahead of them. One more check of the mirrors. Why the **** did real men do that? The road ahead was clear. A twist of the wrist and real men would have been gone.

In the mirrors, real men saw the WRX, lights blazing if three colours, racing up behind. As real men started to pull away, Mr Police Man added a few blips of the siren, just in case real men hadn't seen him (again).

At this point, real men decided it was time to pull over and face the consequences. Mr Police Man was not a happy guy. He asked real men if they'd seen him. "No", they lied. Mr Police Man said that real men must have been moving because he'd had to work pretty hard to catch up. Real men thought to themselves: "What sort of bike do you think I am riding fuckwit?"

Mr Police Man said he'd seen real men doing 110 km/hr on an 80 km/hr zone. Real men gave him a blank look and thought to themselves: "is that all?" Mr Police Man said he thought real men had slowed down when they saw him. Real men denied that. Real men aren't stupid.

Mr Police Man explained that he'd subtract 3 km/hr as usual, so real men wouldn't lose their licence. Real men nodded, not knowing what else to do.

Mr Police Man then proceeded to explain that the police were not issuing tickets due to industrial action by the police union (who wanted to be paid more). The little boy inside real men was jumping for joy as Mr Police Man explained that real men might receive a summons in the mail. "Yeah right" thought real men.

When real men got home, they realised that their favourite road was adjacent to the forests where the "Rally of Melbourne" was being held. Of course there were lots of WRXs there.

But real men nevered received a summons in the mail and their licenses survived to fight another day. :thumbup

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EvilSVT01 said:
There was a video posted on a Lightning Forum I frequent, that was of various bike, one being an R1 that passed by a trooper at some incredible speeds, he then got off the freeway, got back on going the other way (or onto a different freeway), went 140+ then got off again, and the vid. ended. Moral to the story, #1 make sure you can get away, #2 The trooper didn't even budge!! Sure it's wrong and illegal to speed, but hell, even the trooper knew that there was NO chance in hell catching up to the guy.
HAHAHA... i have that video!!! LOL.:D

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I've been caught several times doing up to 70km/h over the legal speed limit. I've never run, and I've never been booked. One bike cop pulled up beside me at traffic lights and asked me to slow down a bit (150km in an 80km zone), another in an unmarked car activated his siren, I slowed down from 170km/h to 100km/h (the speed limit at the time) and he came up beside me and informed me as we went along the freeway that he was a cop (only then did I notice the small police emblem on his door) and that I was to slow it down. Another caught me lane splitting at 140km/h in an 80 zone, pulled me over, asked to see my licence (which I didn't have on me at the time - an offence in itself) then checked on any outstandings on the radio, made a joke about my number plate (dog) then drove off spinning the rear tyres of his pursuit car. Several other times I had police activate their sirens behind me as I was speeding, but they only wanted me to get out of the way. Either I'm one lucky sob or the coppers around here are pretty cool.

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Unfortunately, in south florida, the :finger Florida Highway Patrol :finger are dicks, they live for setting speed traps so having an R1 involves some high speed evasive maneuvers, unless you like lots of tickets.

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I've darted one time. I'm coming home from work on my '93 F2 at about 100mph in Jan at 11:30 at night (cold!). I'm on the highway heading west, not a car around me, one exit from my exit, bam I meet a dps trooper heading east. No time to slow down, might as well speed up. By the time he got turned around and hit the lights, I had already made the exit and turned left on my way home. I get home and pull my bike into the backyard, run inside, look out the front and there he goes down my street still looking. Guess he really wanted to nab me. "Not today my friend," I say like I was in a cheesy moive, "not today."

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I've out ran a state trooper and a police officer. The state trooper was on the other side of the highway already pulling over some guy when I went past about 130 then I saw him run to his car and do a U turn in the meridian. So I gunned it to about 150. That was about 3 in the morning. The other time a cop wanted to get me for having a dark visor on late at night even though it wasn't all the way down so I made a quick left then another quick left and pulled into the garage. Passed another cop who was sitting in the middle of the highway running radar one morning, passed him doing about 140 so I just gunned it but he didn't even turn on his lights or anything. Guess he figured it was no use. I don't like to show off or try to out run them for the hell of it, it's just one of those times they happened to be there I guess.

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Evading Mr. Law

I have not been in the position to evade the law yet, but I would have to say that if I thought he was gonna come after me, I would probably go for it. North Carolina Highway Patrol are ruthless characters (no offense) and unless you are a female capable of producing an immense amount of tears along with a crying baby, you are a ticketed ass.:fact

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I throw caution to the wind just about every time I am on the bike. I'm not going to lie to you all, I have a speed and wheelie problem which attracts the wrong sort of attention.

The 2nd day that I had my 2002 R1 I am getting on the express-way near my house and who is in the lane next to me as I am merging on? "Mr. Tough Guy" State Trooper. I'm not even up to speed yet and he slows down keeping pace with me, so I slow down to about 8 mph under, as if to say "hey nothing to see here, go on with you lack of business." He slows down to my speed, and this goes on for about the next 4 miles, at which point he moves over to the right to exit the e-way. As soon as the trooper was safely on the other side of the concrete median so he could not get back to me, I pulled a huge standup wheelie, and looked right into his eyes. I could tell he was pissed....

But wouldn't you know it, that's not the end of the story. All of a sudden my radar detector goes off, and I look ahead and see another trooper up ahead sitting in the median. I bring the wheelie down hoping that he hasn't seen me or didn't get a good reading on me, and I slow to 60mph. As I pass him he flips on his lights, and I twist the wrist. Its no suprise that the R1 accelerated much faster than the Crown Vic, and 160mph is a little over his head. I'm flying past traffic , splitting, shoulders, everything is fair game. I get off in about 1 1/2 miles at the next exit, and wouldn't you know it, I loose the last cop but his friend is waiting for me at that exit. So I busted a right hand turn, and headed for my friend's house. Next to his house is a park filled with lots of huge trees and a sidewalk which bisects the park up the middle. I flew down my friends street, cop in tow, and then turned into the park's parkinglot and onto the sidewalk. The great thing about this sidewalk is that it splits a square mile of land in half, and the cop would have to go all the way around the park to catch up to me. Needless to say I beat him to the other side of the park, cruised back up to the express way, and headed for home.... :cool:

2nd day with the bike, break-in be damned, I'm running. No disclaimers here. :finger

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Rated R, the park maneveur was fucking genius, haha LOL

A couple of times I've been riding far above the speed limit with another rider I didn't know, and the flashers came on. both times the other guy pansied out (to take the ticket) and I just kept on goin.

The only time as of yet I really ran, I was coming home from work. theres a stoplight thats red, right before my onramp to the freeway. 6 cars stacked up (3 per lane), with a cop in one of the middle positions. As I approach these cars the light turns green so I gun it, and lane split way too fast between all the cars, and then immediately arc my bike onto the onramp, hitting the apex at aroun 80+ and by the time I enter the freeway I'm going 100+. And I had no license plate on.

the cop was in hot pursuit, and cars were clearing his way like mad (traffic was pretty heavy) so he mustve really wanted me. I gunned it for several miles lanespliting, until I came up on a CHP. chilled for a bit, but goddamn the original cop, there he came!! Man when they get really agro, they can move decently fast through traffic. So it was now or never, so I gunned it right past the CHP splitting the traffic at 90+, then changed freeways a couple times and went to warp speed on a clear freeway. it was over after that.

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rated r and jb have the best stories ever! kickass!!:rock

my own little story started out with me borrowing my friend's honda cbr929 (yeah, i know, but i wanted to see how fast it was)..
as soon as i hit the freeway i sped up to about 160mph. i only passed 5 cars or so (it was late in the evening) before getting off at the very next exit to head home. i had slowed to 80 on the offramp and i looked in my rearview and there was a damn cop gaining ground on me fast. i blew through a stop sign and wot'd it. at around 110 or so i flew through 2 red lights (i made sure no one was coming first) before looking farthur ahead up the road. there were 2 cops waiting for me with their lights flashing and 2 more coming up a side road. SHIT! i said, how'd they know so fast??? it'd only been like 2 minutes since i started speeding in the first place! i knew i could have outrun them, but then again, i knew i couldn't wreck my friends bike. i just pulled up behind the first cop car waiting for me and said i didn't know they were chasing me. i got a reckless driving and an eluding (misdemeanor - failure to yield a police officer). and 20 days in jail, an $800 fine, and 30 days suspended with 2 years sr22 insurance. :fact
it turns out that the cop was already on the freeway when i pulled on to the freeway and then he saw me hit the throttle. he said he got up to 120 and i was just pulling away from him like nothing (duh!) but when i was getting on the offramp, it gave him a chance to catch up. the whole time he was on his radio with all the other cops.
:machinegu damn cops!
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