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Just a post about my experience with 2 different gear position indicators for my 07.

DG8: First I got a DG8 from a member on here with 07 specific plug and play loom. It was sold to me with the caveat he had never got it to work. Right price so thought I'd give it a run. Bad idea.

The plug and play adapter was anything but. It wouldn't even pick up neutral to start with. After emails to Acumen I was told the Australian (Euro) harness is not actually plug and play with different wires requiring to be tapped. I followed there new instructions and after tapping different wires got it to find neutral but still couldn't program it past 2nd gear. Checked the unit itself by plugging into a friends Honda and it worked on his so no prob with the unit, it seems the plug and play doesn't suit my model at all and Acumen themselves told me they have had problems with fitment to another bike also from Australia.

GIPro: Ordered the HealTech GIPro Xtype with Y01 harness. Instal was a piece of piss, much simpler than the DG8 and worked flawlessly first time.

Not much else to say about the GIPro as there were no issues and it does what it says. Simple.

Oh yeah, I had a brief look at Fjorn's thread http://www.r1-forum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=281720 and found it to be spot on although I used the rear brake switch to power mine so all the wiring was close together.

DG8 verdict: :no

GIPro verdict: :cool::thumbup
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