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I don’t remember when i first joined your respected website, but I remember that i was so passionate about the new r1 specially the r1m that I choose (R1M) as u see as my nickname, but back then had i some circumstances that prevented me from getting the bike.

Now after all this time i am ready to choose my weapon for the road and i hope i become a member and a fellow rider here.

As for any bike I always have specific questions regarding the bike i am getting because I believe that motorcycles is not just a toy for the weekend but an important transportation vehicle specially in this age of traffic and crowded roads.

These questions are ( for the R1M )
- reliability ( i am sure it is bulletproof now after all the refinements it got through the years)

- the headlights at night, how good are they?

- heat from the engine, specially for hot areas?

- gas mileage ?

I hope my post is not too long 🤣
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