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Need a helmet to go with my new blue R1 - currently I have a RF - 900 Shoei and its ok, but doesn't match my bike. I've worn an Arai before and liked it better, but everyone I ride with has one. I'll probably end up getting an Arai, but has anyone ever owned a Suomy?

Which brand do you like best?:hellobye


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My ugly BLUE Arai NR5 fits me VERY well. But it's just too stinkin' blue. It would fit very nicely color wise with the blue R1.

I'd only suggest it because it fits very good on my round bald Swedish head/skull :lol

About Shoei. .. umh wait you said Soumy. I heard someone comment on it.. that had it and he said he was happy with it. That's all I know. :)


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The Suomy helmets are very nice, and they have some really sweet graphics schemes. I would strongly suggest finding a local dealer and trying one on though. I would suggest that with any helmet as everyone's head is shaped different. Check out the Suomy website for their sweet graphics styles. My recommendations...

Gun Wind -> Metallic replicas -> Biaggi
Gun Wind -> Replicas -> Scott Russell Daytona, Bostrom Laguna Seca

Spec 1R -> Replicas -> Capirossi replica

those are my favorites. The Biaggi replica has a Gund Wind Metallic and a Spec 1R model.
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