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I'm getting ready to order my new lid, and I've narrowed it down to the Shoei ZII "Scythe" ........or.............Shoei RF-1000 "storm"

I see peeps praise the RF, however the ZII costs more....?????

And also the RF is a newer line of Shoei's ......correct ??

Money doesn't really matter, I'm just wondering which one is a better helmet as far as comfort, ventilation, ease of removing the shield, quality, etc.

The 2 I'm looking at:

the RF-1000

the ZII Scythe

Better link to description of the Shoei's:

Opinions welcome.....I'm ordering within the hour,



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Z-II... :yesnod

According to Shoei, Z-II is a better helmet, it just right under X-11... :yesnod

Btw, I like the Scythe graphic better too. :thumbup
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