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I have seen a clamp (shaped somewhat like a T) that will attach to a circular support rod on your bike that will serve as a helmet lock and will actually let you ride with your helmet attached !!! I'm sure you have seen this, have actually seen guys going very fast and even doing wheelies with the helmet locked onto the bike with this attachment.. I am aware of the hooks underneath the '02 passenger seat that are supposed to serve as a helmet lock but I would not be comfortable riding using them.....,.....Anything out there for this ??? Due to the fact that the R1 has a square frame the attachment I have seen wont work for us (to my knowledge anyway).

Have done a search on the forum for info on this but didn't really find anything .......Appreciate any advice.


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It does depend on the helmet, but I ride with my ARAI RX7rr4 on the side all the time, when I'm in Florida. I wear it on the highways, but take it off in Daytona and cruising the city streets at night.
I use the factory helmet locks under the seat, and with my ARAI you need to put a 3 inch by 2 inch piece of clear tape on the tail section to keep it from scuffing the paint.

Hope this helps,

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my shoei came with a nice soft, draw string bag.

once at the beach:boobies , the helmet goes on the side in the cover -no scratches. and imo, it looks nice too.
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