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hey everyone. i've been a lurker for about a couple months and had my heart set on an R1 as my first bike. i just picked up a 98 R1 with a bunch of mods that are worth more than i bought the bike

98 R1. 25xxx miles
2003 GSX-R front forks
Brembo full front brake system
Scotts steering dampner
CF Motorsports rear sets
Ohlins rear shock
Brembo rear brake cylinder
full akrapovic carbon fiber exhaust
freestyle ingenuity stunt/crash cage

and now with the good, comes the bad (listed from least worried to most worried about)

neutral warning light wont work
right front turn signal wont work
passenger seat key assembly is missing
key is so old, i have to play around with the ignition and it's usually hit or miss
fairings are busted up, but i bought some ebay ones to replace them for now
need a new undertail and turnsignals
2nd gear has a "jolt"

i got the bike for 3000. not bad. it was a previous stunter bike, that's why 2nd gear has a little jolt, it's hard to describe....kinda like the clutch disengaging and re-engaging at a certain RPM which i'm not sure at. driving around normally is okay, i just have to shift before that point or rev 1st gear high enough that when i shift into 2nd, i'm above it.

i tried to do a little wheelie, the next thing i knew i was looking at the sunset lit sky and i instinctively pushed the bike down as if i were a sumo wrestler.

how bad do you think the damage is to 2nd gear? i want a little insight before hand if i'm going to shell out my next paycheck for a used transmission. i'm going to diagnose the light problems and tomorrow i'll get a quote on replacing the locks at a yamaha dealership.

thanks for reading!

My R1 used to eat me!!
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Yup deffo worn dogs, 2nd and 6th gears...split the engine is not an easy or quick job.
Neutral could be dodgy switch
Turn signal...have you checked the bulb???
As for the ignition...if you are going to get a new passenger seat lock then you might as well get a whole new lock set.
Check on ebay for bits.
Good luck and keep us posted on progress
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