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I got anxious like it sounds you are. My 3rd bike was a used Gixer 750 and the guy said he had the title. I drove down 120 miles to Long Beach and all of a sudden he said the title he has is the wrong one. The bank sent him the wrong one, wrong name but similar. Red Flag!

So I was there, all ready to buy and the bike was perfect. I trusted he'd get it corrected and send me the new one as he promised. He'd 2nd day deliver the title to me asap.

About 45 days later, no returned calls, nothing in the mail, etc. I called, emailed to no end. Finally I threatend to take him to court and he called right back. Long story short, he finally sent the title and I ended up selling the bike to get my 05 R1.

It's not worth the hassle. If it seems fishy then run away and don't look back.

oh, he swore the helmet he 'threw in' with the bike was a $500 helmet. Turns out its worth about $75.
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