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Hey im new here.....I been searching the web for answers for a while now this is the only thing I can find close to my problem I have a 09 r6 I have a two brothers full exhoust, power commander 5, flashed ecu and dyno tune I road the bike for about a week with all that exept for the tune the bike was fine when I dropped it off to the dyno when i went get it from the dyno on my way home the bike started bucking at 7500 rpms if I hold it on that certain spot it will do it or if im regular gassing through the gears if I nail it the bike runs good so I unplugged my power commander to see if the problem was still there an it is but with it unplugged if I get on it hard I loose throttle completely an my engine light comes on the bike stays at idle just no throttle response at all any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated thanks
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