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Help with R1 suspension setting?

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I'm 6'5" 230 and I want to set up my R1 for my weight as well as the stock suspension will allow. I have no owners manual or experience with bike setups so can someone give me some advice on settings front and rear and specific instructions on where the various adjusters are located? Thanks a bunch.
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Welcome to the forum. Though I'm not an expert on suspension I have mine setup pretty stiff. I know there are a lot of people here who can offer good advice. I think I know of a link was well with settings. I'll look for it and post it.
Try this link to start
It is a good explanation of basic suspension set-up. I would add to this basic set-up - check tire pressure often to keep it consistent. Get used to your set-up(write everything down!) by riding a specific route both before and after a change until it feels good, then leave it.
You can do static sag(for your weight), start with stock settings(and tire pressures), and go from there.
Here's the adjustment locations and stock settings(until you buy an owner's manual:D )
Front preload - blue nut on top of fork; 6 lines showing
Front rebound - screw on top of fork; 5 clicks out from full in
Front compression - screw on back of bottom of fork leg; 5 clicks out from full in
Rear preload - the ramp type adjuster on top of rear spring; 4 up from th bottom
Rear rebound - screw adjustment on left bottom of rear shock; 7 clicks out from full in
Rear compression - screw adjustment on left top of rear shock; 9 clicks out from full in
Be gentle with the screw adjustments. This is a pretty soft set-up, but you have to start somewhere.
I have friends who can't go faster because they don't like the feel of the bike; when I ask them about their set-up, they look at me like a monkey with a math problem. Ignorance is bliss, I guess; I just shake my head.
Good luck; let me know how it turns out.
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That's perfect! Someone printed that one out for me, but I couldn't find the link.
This site has some good stuff too.


Check out the "Setup your bike" section.
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