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Here's my Girls!!!

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The **Orange Peel** is still quite the bike and most of the little kiddies or non-riders like it's looks better.

But we all know who the new King in Town is don't we!!!
It's a Hindle Ti Oval slip-on. I have better pics in the Pictures section.
Here's another shot of the Hindle from the back.

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You get spacers to keep the rear pegs if you want them. I don't need them so they are off!!!

I paid 430$ Can. (about 275USD) plus tax!!!:rock
If you want a deal here's where to call. It's in Canada but they are used to shipping wherever.

G. Bourques
(506) 383-4585
Ask for Marc and tell them that Billy sent you. With the exchange as it stands these days you will be getting some wicked deals!!!
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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