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Hey gang...

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Well I'm back. :hellobye

That was a big two weeks. I don't think my feet touched the ground over there. It was either full on work or full on partying. But it was gooood... One thing is for certain - I miss the girlies in Perth, there is an overwhelming abundance of exceptionally good looking females there. My eyes are still hurting :fact


Jaydee - Are you still gay?

Tubsy - I saw the pics of your pipe, looking forward to hearing it mate.

Petrol - I didn't get to take the flamingo :( Oh well, hope you are healing well and having fun with your new toy.

booj - Hows the insurance going? Did you take the 9k?

JMR - Did you ride the R1? Have you made a decision yet? Twill be good to see you back on two wheels.

Pom - I still wanna come over and see the Superbikes on your big screen!!

Tron - Did you put those pics from the other week up on the forum? There were some gooduns there.

OK. I know I've prolly forgotten someone. And I could probably find the answers to my questions by looking around the forum, but can't be bothered. :crash

Well, look forward to catching up with yous all soon :yesnod

Cheers guys :thumbup
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hey mate welcome back...

u didn't happen 2 bring any of these so called "exceptionally good looking females" back with ya did ya??? :D

yeah jaydee is still gay... hahaha j/k :)
hey toddy, you're back !

the forum's been quite quiet at the moment.
guess everyone's getting busy.

as for me, yeah busy with uni ...
as for my insurance, nah im planning to write back to them and dispute for a larger amount .
even 500 bucks more would make a huge diff for me...

ah...wish me luck....
seeya soon mate !
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Wat do u mean still?

Todd if ur tryin to pick me up it isnt working. I have standards :)

Hey mate,

I have been working my ****ing arse off! Have not even had time to think about a bike.

Accountant says I should wait about a month for some reason or other anyway... so hopefully I will get myself somethin REAL nice for my 25th. :thumbup :riding

Talk to you all sooooooon!!


P.S Would you guys be upset with me if I got the ZX-10R??? :sneaky :dunno
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JMR your ride is your ride!

It dont matter what we think! Get the bike u want :)
yup just follow ur heart !

either way, both bikes r beautiful
JMR - That would be cool - mix up the group a bit. As long as you don't forget your R1 upbringing and leave the forum!! :D

As long as your gettin those knees down and your happy :thumbup
JMR is gunna own all you beetcheez!!!!!!
remember its the rider not the bike Petrol... I have heard the stories of how fast u r on that 250....

Welcome back T. yep pics r up....

nice to hear ure back - cheers for the offer of a beer on friday but im about 16000 ks away at the moment as am back in the uk. Stuff for the bikes well cheap here - picked up some flushmounts, micro indicators and an undertray so far. Microns are about 500 bucks here - shame I cant carry anymore back on the plane.

Anyone t - ing up a ride for next Sunday or monday?????????
God damnit!

I shoulda given u sum :dollar to get me sum flushies.

Oh well im over it already :)
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