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Hey everyone! Just joined this forum... seems like a nice group of people. :thumbup

Been riding for 15 years and have had a large assortment of bike; the last of which was an '01 RC51 ~ RIP. The bike lowsided, then flipped... was my first major accident, ruptured spleen, fractured rib, knee surgery but all's good now (thank God for full gear!). Bought an '02 silver R1 about a month ago and I continue to bug the dealership everyday (I might have it this weekend). ;)

Anyway, cheers everyone! Go Team Canada, hehe.


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Welcome to the forum dnszoom :rock

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welcome dnszoom must have been some bumpy get off to cause that much hurt with full gear.
glad to you are still with us and here with us.

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hey, welcome aboard mate! :hellobye

Keep bugging the dealer.. they deserve it :lol

I too crashed very hard but due to my gear I didn't get hurt at all.. well I couldn't walk for 3 weeks, but that's due to badly twisted feets.. I don't judge that as any mojor stuff.

Apart from the feets I didn't have any pains anywhere. Just bruices. You know the tiny air holes inside the arms? I landed hard and all those holes.. punctuaded my skin and it was dotty all over.. kinda cool to see how these tiny holes could make holes in my skin.. (on both arms).

I'm glad for the metal plates in the leather I had.. Without these plats i would definetally had hurt myself more.

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:cool: welcome to the community:cool:

Good luck with the 02.
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