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mavspire said:
Hi Guys,

I have a 99 R1 that i've been riding this season and absolutely love. I picked it up at approx 51,xxxkm's and currently have 72,xxxkm's on it.... in miles that'd be 48000mi

Now here's my dillemma; she burns no oil, needs minor maintainance, a tune-up at best, and boots like a bat outta hell. Only issue I ever had was up against an '04 Gixxer 1000.

So here's my dillemma; I'm not sure what to do with her? I need ideas!

I'm attempting to sell her for a meager $4000cdn as is with a couple of mods; my reasoning being if Im going to put money into a bike, why not just get a new one?

I was considering an 02/03 engine swap, but I dont know where to pick one up that would be reputable/reliable.

Any insight/suggestion would be appreciated.
FI engine swap is no easy task. If you're happy with it, keep riding it til it dies. I currently have a 99 R1 and have no intentions on ever selling it.

99 R1
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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