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· Just made this great wheelie.. did you see it?!
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gixxa988cc said:
did you read the posting homie homeboy homeskillet :2bitchsla
im in chicago
people you must leave email for pics unless someone shows me how to post the pics cmon stop keeping secrets

well first off when selling something if your info on the left doesn't say your location, u should put your location in the post
:2bitchsla , and second to post a pic when u post a reply if u go down a little on the reply screen, it says attach file (box next to it says browse) hit the browse box your picture folder will open up and u can select the pic u want to attach in the post. Just make sure the pics are 640 X 480 so that they fit in the post. Pics that are too big will not work. Then just hit the submit reply box and the pic will be attached in your post, like I just did here.


1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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