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How can I post

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How can I post a pic I don't know why but I can't figure it out
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At the bottom of the message thing do you see the browse thing click it and then open the pic you want . If it is not doing it the pic is probably to big. If you can t resize it send it to me an dI will do it and send it back to [email protected]
this is my bike I was wondering what else can I do to it cosmeticaly
How can I put my pic in the pic gallery
Go to the link on the left that says R1 Members then once in there you can post pics or videos. Very clean bike,I can remember when mine looked like that:cool:
Thanks Im realy happy with it
oh by the way im not good enough for videos YET but ill get there eventually
R1RIDER said:
this is my bike I was wondering what else can I do to it cosmeticaly

I had a 2001 blue one and when I got this one I liked the blue better still but its grown on me alot and I realy like this color now it's sweet
Hey R1RIDER You could shine the frame, wheels and swingarm and get big muscles like alot of the other forum members :lol
I want to polish the fram and swing arm but I hear that it is a hassle to keep clean and shiny especialy were I live wright now it rains alot.But I am still thinking about polishing the bike if you know if it is true about the hassle can you give me some advise
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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