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For the first 250-300ks id speed up to 80ks change to second let it back off in second to 70ks then open it up to 120ks then get 3rd let it back off in 3rd to 80ks then speed up to 130ks again then get 4th let it drop back to 90ks in 4th then speed up to 140ks change to 5th let it back off to 100ks then open it up to 140-160ks select 6th and back off and start going back down the gears till i was in 1st doing about 40ks.. Then start again!

Once i got 350ks on the clock i started to open it up more.. Never took it past the green..
Once i hit 500ks it was game on.. had it in the yellow/orange but not red..
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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