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How do you ride?

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I found a video of what I consider "safe" riding, these guys ride the way I like to ride, just pushing it enough to have fun but sane enough to ride another day.
what do you think?
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Man, that road reminds me so much of the Cherolahala Skyway near Deal's Gap. Looks like they had a blast.
great roads. sound track was nice as well IMO.
wow, looks like a great ride!
Speed wise yes... I (we) have to be more on point with lane drift. Debris on the apexes of hillcut corners and obviously the yellow lines. HAVE to stay away from them, to many dickheads around here.
I just use the bike (formerly my R6) for commuting to and from work on occasion as a 3rd vehicle, and the occasional spirited ride on the weekends. Consider me the chicken strip king...lol
The pace is a little slow for the me and the guys and gals I ride with. The road is awesome.
looks like fun, but those guys have way more self control than me :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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