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This is interesting, I know in 2015 as has been said only 80 ish bikes came into the UK. I applied fir one but was unsuccessful.

Yamaha Europe allocated bikes to each country, in the UK, demand outstripped supply, in the Netherlands it was the opposite. I remember in 2015 a dealer from The Netherlands trying to sell an M for £25k , around UD$30k, as you can guess it didn’t go down very well.

In 2016, Yamaha Europe took a different approach, the allocation for 2016 was European wide rather than individual allocations to countries. The UK purchased the lions share of the 2016 allocation.

Now I know my bike was one of the first 20 allocated in 2016, I know that because Yamaha UK cocked up the registration process for the first 20 bikes, which took months to sort out with the DVLA (UK Governments vehicle licensing authority)

Now my bike being No. 1362 and an early 2016 model would suggest that there are far greater numbers of R1Ms out there than originally thought?

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