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Very easy to do.
Modify the existing OEM Smog / AIS plates into blocking plates.
This was done on my 2005 R1. I can only assume the breather hole is the same size on older & newer R1's.

Items needed.
2ea. socket head set screws (Lowes / Home depot), $1.15 each.
1/2" -13 pitch tap.
JB Weld.

Clean the inside of the hole with brake cleaner & small brush.

Tap the hole about four threads deep. Start from the inside of the cover.

The set screw should start to get snug right about here.

Apply JB Weld to the hole and on the screw.
Assemble. Torque to "good & tight" value. Clean off the excess JB.

Use a cut off wheel to remove the excess tube, then a belt sander to finish.

Finish with a coat of paint!


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Ummm.. There is no G on the top...

Everyone knows the Graves block offs add about three horsepower, and adding matching decals to your lowers gets you at least 5 more. 8 horsepower for under $35? Don't skimp man!

:D Nice work!
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