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Just done this myself. Shame all the pics have gone from the tutorial.

I sort of followed the 06 tutorial and just kinda went in from the top, although I did have to take both side fairings off.

Like another poster said, I also had plates with no pinholes so I took out all the reeds, screws, baskets etc and just turned them upside down. They sat nice and flush.

I had no special tools, just basic allen keys, socket set and hand tools.

Took me 4 hours. 4 Painful hours.

The part that pained me the most was taking out the screws for the existing plates - you need patience for this.

I also blanked off the ram air section that the ECU sits in. This is where the old smog bit sits, poking its ugly head through.

I hope that can help someone else like me that did not have a clue. Afterwards, the bike started first time with no problems and no engine error codes.
101 - 102 of 102 Posts