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Hi everyone,

Here is a quick guide on how I cleaned the oil sight glass. Couldn't find any proper info about our model, therefore I took some pictures to leave them in the forum in case it helps in the future.

This is before, as you see the glass is darker than Batman 馃槄. I couldn't check my oil level since I bought it a few years ago馃檲:

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Alloy wheel

To take the glass out you don't need to drop all the oil, if you put the bike on the side stand you will be good and any oil will come out. Anyway, in my case I did without oil since I was doing a complete maintenance, including a new clutch.

First: you need to pry carefully with a tiny screw driver from different sides.(I took the picture after I cleaned the glass)

Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Bumper Rim

Once I had it out, I thought it would be good to use an ultrasonic machine to clean all the dirt from it: (notice the metal cover that has the glass. In some forums I read that people took out the oil pan in order to clean the glass from the inside. Not sure how they do it, but with that cover you can clean as good as if you take it out)
Mesh Gas Flooring Snout Water

The outcome wasn't as expected. Here is how it came out after 180 seconds inside the machine:
Automotive tire Temperature Gas Auto part Circle

So I used a small piece of steel wool and put it between the glass and the metal cover. Together with a screw driver I moved around the glas for several minutes, till all the dirt went
out. Something like this:

Tire Automotive tire Sleeve Woolen Wool

Here is how it looks once I put it back:
Fixture Automotive tire Door Rim Material property

Before putting back I look carefully to the rubber from the glass and the part of the engine where is placed to see if I damaged any part. There are some marks as you can see in previous pictures, nothing to worry IMO, but I put some seal aroung it just in case. I used this seal, which is oil and heat resistant:
Amber Font Fashion accessory Carmine Fiber

To put the glass back I used a 22mm socket, which is the perfect size of the rubber. Carefully with a hummer placed it back:

Gas Rim Auto part Machine Machine tool

Time to put back some fresh oil:
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