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Definitely 8 Thou

going to 8k and back is fuel sensor issue , not exup .
for exup issue the needle goes to 7k rpm .
for throttle position sensor its 3k rpms .

check your fuel sensor connection , use contact cleaner on it (and on exup connector also) and check again .

Ok, Yes definitely 8 thou. Only on one occasion did I do these tests with the bike fully back together. That initial circuit had faults - I did not have the capacitor wired correctly in respect of polarity.

I've been conducting all tests since with full access to the area and hence with tank off and there fore fuel sensor disconnected. I've been just turning the key on, not starting the machine. Your advice leads me to think that to get accuracy here I need to connect it all up?

So I guess with the tank off and fuel sensor plug disconnected, I'd find the 8 thou error every time?

It seems likely now that as I had the 8 thou code and the exup seemed to do a test run when powered up, the unit may be ok The last image I put here is the 2nd circuit I built. Confident it's good.

I'll go back to that and assess connections for continuity.

Your inputs invaluable. Learning is the main reason I do this stuff.

15 Posts
After I established that the servo works with no tacho error - I fitted my circuit. And no error code. Those interested will see it posted here. The first one has errors - BTW.

With the paucity of any information on the web like what has been provided in this thread, I'd imagine in the future further comments/questions will come. This one is 7 years old. There are many after market exhausts and everyone will need a work around. I don't just want to just disconnect it.

With the patience of Mr SSS who created this device - it works. My mistakes were;

Not observing the polarity on the capacitor. Note where the negative pole goes to.

The transistor. Note which wire activates it on the centre connector.

Not knowing that the needle flicking to 7 is very different from it going to 8. Know your error codes.

So thanks SSS for the patience in responding to my issues.

Happy to share any thoughts on making this to any interested party.
161 - 164 of 164 Posts
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