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How to build a stem mount for your GPS or Cell phone
(This was done on my 2007 R1 with a 13mm stem hole,, just change the hose size if your stem hole is a different.)

You will need:
-Suction Cup Digital Accessory Mount by tech1 (I got mine for $3 at the Dollarama here in Canada)
-1/4" stainless steel pan head stove bolt (3-4" long)
-Three stainless 1/4" nuts
-Three stainless 1/4" washers
-1/4" inside diam rubber hose (1.5" long or so with 13mm outside diameter)**** change hose size if your bike is different****
-Tools: Drill, 1/4" drill bit and wrench to tighten it all down

Step 1:
Assemble mount shown here

Step 2:
Remove lower adjustment bolt shown here

Step 3:
Drill out hole with a 1/4" bit

Step 4:
Install mount to stainless bolt with a nut and 2 washers (don't over tighten or you will crack the plastic)

Step 5: In this order install a nut, washer, rubber hose and another nut

Step 6: Install mount into the bike stem hole, and while holding the mount tighten the top nut leaving it flush with the top of the hole. The rubber hose is pressed out to hold mount in place.

Finished Product:
(this mount also allows you to swivel 90 degrees either way and lock into place if needed)


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cheers thx,,, might modify it later to accept the ball used on my garmin gps. As the cheap ebay suction mount big clip uses the same ball size.
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