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How to make your own 04..06 tripple T protector

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Ok I've done this for a bunch of my bikes and my cars, so I thought i'd do a write up.

Things you will need...
1) Extreamly sharp exacto knife or set... if its not razor sharp don't use it. A sharp small tipped one helps.
2) a section of vynil aprox 5 x 11 inches (i prefered matt black).
3) a printer.
4) a hairdryer
5) bout an hours worth of time.

First off its way to easy to scratch the tripple t with keychains etc. So what I do is I take some vynil and make a protector for it.

BTW... read this entire thing through before starting it.

Step 1... print off this template I made... the jpg should come out 10.75 inches by 5 inches. (you'll have to print it in landscape and probably the edges will be cut off but its easy to guess where the lines are.


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Ok now your done... If you did it right you shouldn't even be able to tell its there. Sorry for blury pic... nightvission you know.

Word of caution... don't use clear vynil it will never look right, and please please avoid the carbon look alike vynil... we don't want to taint this how to by using that.

Things to come later (it was too cold and late out)... a protector for the right recessed area by the key, and clear vynil circle around the ignition indicators.


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Thnx... this trick works wonders... underneith my tripple clamp still looks as new as the day i've bought it... I can't stand seeing everyone elses bikes all scraped up.
great write up and pic desriptions. Not sure if I'd do this one... but your naration was good...make sure to post your next mod
Very cool write up I just use the key only I have had my bike for nearly a year and not even a scuff on mine. I know what you mean about seeing bikes with the tree all scratched up.:hellobye
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