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for me the R1 is definitely the best superbike.

All my friends have superbikes(R1, GSXR, CBR....), i'm the only one with a supermoto.(i love the hypermotard/supermoto riding position...)
for me doesn't matter the motorcycle style but yes the spirit and having fun together ;)

I never have been into a track, but one day i will try it.

Until now did you have any problem with 939? did you have termignoni?

Mine recently turn the engine light on and i took it to dealer, it was the lambda sensor broken. i have now 15k...

2016 R1 60th
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My 939 has been trouble free for 2500 miles. The only issue I have had is with notchy shifting. Mostly low speed trying to get back to first gear. The thing seems to get stuck in 2nd gear and really clunks into 1st. I am tempted to trade it in as the novelty has worn off of endless wheelies. I may end up with an Aprilia Tuono Factory.

Life is short. Ride as many bikes as you can and keep the good ones!
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