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My R1 eats me.
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Here is a super mini review.

Cliff notes: Kicks huge ass.

Details: Did two track days, posted up the youtube vids. Everyone was like "dude, you should get a steering damper!" I'm like WTF, my 07 R1 came with one from the factory? Here's the vid, starting from a spot with a bit of wobble (there's lots worse elsewhere in the video).

Coming from an 08 R6 which was unstable as hell, I didn't worry too much about the wobble in my R1.

Anyway, I had a coupon I needed to use up and picked up a HyperPro RSC from MotoMummy (OEM location option): http://www.motomummy.com/hyperpro/hyperpro-04-08-r1-oem-location-rsc-active-damper/

OMFG amazing.

Install was super simple. I had to loosen the 8mm bolt for my clutch perch and rotate it up a bit, so I could get a 12mm socket into the stock damper mount to hold the lock nut while I undid the bolt from the bottom. That was the only tricky part of the installation! Everything else was using just the tools in the factory tool kit.

I set it to 6 clicks from "off" and it's awesome. Doesn't slow down my transitions at all, and as soon as it starts to shake the "RSC/Active" part kicks in and locks her up solid, works sweeeeeeet.

No pics of it on the bike yet, but it goes in the same exact location as the OEM one so just imagine a HyperPro in your favourite colour sitting down there, instead of the stock one ;)

Some peeps might ask "Why'd you go OEM location?".
1. Keep it out of sight. Lots of dampers get stolen off bikes around here.
2. I have a GPS mount that mounts to my steering stem and wanted to keep it.
3. I didn't want to have to mess with it each time I need to get under the tank.

-Jamie M.
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