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what do you guys think about that damper, anyone installed one???? pictures would be nice too.

thanks :)
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I'll tell you what I've heard. These progressive dampers are shit.. according to some because they don't give an "even pressure" at all time. Instead they will be harder when the movement is faster.

This will of course be nice while you're cruising in the city.. but I'm not so sure if this thing actually works that well.

I'd never buy anything else than Öhlins. And that's what I got on right now. Never leave home without it :D
You are an Idiot. I have a Hyperpro on my new R1. I had an Ohlins on my old R1. They both work the same! Brand loyal people should be shipped to Mexico.:machinegu
good for u
Chill out Mclincoln, If you have had them both why don't you just tell us the difference instead of the hostility. Besides, do you know who you just called an IDIOT !!??:finger I think not!

Swedie, let's get him!!! :machinegu :bash
there are NO need for mutts like this *****(Mc *****)
In this forum:no

I hate fools out to rile people up that just cause shit on forums cause their boyfriends are neglecting them:fact

Swedie u should turf this pillowbitter along with his friend SCREW over in the General topics section.

His boyfriend should just give him the :butt so he will shut the fuc$ up

Sorry but this sours my day, reading these disrespectful pieces of shit:ugh

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:machinegu :machinegu man can't you just be nice i'm trying to get opinion, i think that's why all of us are here not to offend anyone. damn chill man:butt
Sorry, but seeing this display of disrespect at this hour of the morning just gets me right pissed off.:mad:

I am looking for a damper for my ride too, and was looking to ask a ? as well.

Then I see this moron writing this garbage here and somewhere else on the forum and if someone doesn't say something now then this monkey will run around a little while longer then he should.

Disrespect like that, where I come from will get your ass kicked.

Sorry man didn't mean to ruin this thread
Relax Silver. I got a little sloppy with the cough medicine :beer last night and cocked off a little on the forum. I am a nice guy no disrespect intended. If you really are persistant about kicking my A$$. I am not that far away ride down. Other wise give me a little I had to many slack:iamwithst
OK...let's get back to the subject in question..the dampers...!!!
I've had both Hyper-pro and Ohlins...they are both very good......but...I replaced the Ohlins with a Scotts and it blows the others away...get a Scotts if you can afford it..or check out e-Bay for a used one..just make sure it comes with the right fitting kit..or budget for one..the damper is universal.

Hope that helps.
be careful what you're saying to me mclincoln.
Not that I want to kick your ass but sometimes I have opened my mouth to the wrong person and ended up with a broken face, the reason being I was being ignorant and disrecpectful.

If you had one too many so be it, but just don't knock on the person who is responsible for all of this.

He had not done anything to u so next time please check your mouth and think alittle before hand.

We are all adults(most of us) so lets act it. I appreciate your opinion on the dampers and if anyone could help out that would be great :yesnod

SO what is the most reliable damper?

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I have had 4 different dampers in my track and street days. Toby, Ohlins, Scotts and Hyperpro. I thought they all worked well and did not notice a severe difference in any of them. Here is how I would rank them:
1. Scotts- Based on ease of use and the ability to rebuild(ad fluid). Draw back-Looks are a little boring. Not to say I am a squid but it is true they are boring

2. Ohlins- Very nice it would have been number one but I do not think it is $100.00 better than the Scotts. Looks great easy mount.

3. Hyperpro- Great damper a few complaints. A little bulky on the mounting. Not as many adjustments as the others. Looks very good in Brass and Black on my new R1.

4. Toby- This is one I would not buy again. I did not like the mount position(frame). Having it mount on the frame made it more difficult to adjust. Same money get a 916 style.

I never noticed any binding and never had a slap problem with any of the dampers. I was taught since I was a baby squid on a CBR 600f not to grip the bars. Put your weight back and let the geomotry of the bike do the work. If you have the $ buy the Ohlins. But the Scotts and the Hyperpro are very nice. In my opinion of course.:boobies
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Thanks, that is the clearest explination I have seen yet

I will have to look in to the pricing around here for the better deal. Hope to pick something up so it can be installed when my bike arrives next week

I have already waited 6 weeks and my ride still has come yet, so I am pretty bummed:no

Jingoistic favourism aside from the commander-in-chief, the Ohlins is a nice unit. Perhaps a bit pricey for the Gucci factor. Solid product, though. Not speed sensative - which is not a bad thing on the track. Though a bit stiff @ parking lot speed.

The Scotts is a bit of a morphodite looking contraption to my eye, and it uses bolts that have been questioned. Speed sensative. But has a very loyal following.

The Hyperpro is a good looking piece with quality components. BTW, it does come in black along w/the signature purple. The mounting bracket can be fussy in the bolting on sequence because of the ultra acccurate design. But nothing to worry about... just a little fiddly.

These are all excellent products. Choose the one that appeals to you, and don't worry about what some nob in cyber space says.

The main thing is that you get one & mount it. The R1 really should come from the factory with a damper as standard equipment.:beer

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