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Jingoistic favourism aside from the commander-in-chief, the Ohlins is a nice unit. Perhaps a bit pricey for the Gucci factor. Solid product, though. Not speed sensative - which is not a bad thing on the track. Though a bit stiff @ parking lot speed.

The Scotts is a bit of a morphodite looking contraption to my eye, and it uses bolts that have been questioned. Speed sensative. But has a very loyal following.

The Hyperpro is a good looking piece with quality components. BTW, it does come in black along w/the signature purple. The mounting bracket can be fussy in the bolting on sequence because of the ultra acccurate design. But nothing to worry about... just a little fiddly.

These are all excellent products. Choose the one that appeals to you, and don't worry about what some nob in cyber space says.

The main thing is that you get one & mount it. The R1 really should come from the factory with a damper as standard equipment.:beer

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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