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I started checking out the threads and I have no Idea how you guys think that everyone at Gixxer.com are Haters. We like to rib and have fun as much as the next guy. But when it all comes down to it as long as you have 2 wheels under your ass and a Love of bikes who cares what name is on the Damn thing. I personaly own a Suzuki but I also love the way the R1 looks. I am not going to bash someone for riding what they PAID for it is there choice not mine on what they ride. I think that a few trouble makers from each site have been stirring shit up by saying that We at gixxer.com talk shit all the time about you guys. FINE SHOW ME THE THREAD. So lets keep the peace and remember when it comes down to it we are all in it for the love of Riding. If any of you are in the Charlotte, NC area look me up and I would be happy to ride with ya.:D

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I don,t think that everyone is a "hater" on that forum
but there are alot of people over there that do some bashing..which is fine that is thier opinion and it is thier forum so they can do that .
If anyone has gone over there and started bashing you guys from our forum we "r1forum" apologise
they do not represent our collective opinion as a
personally the only other bike I would own is a gixxer1k
but like petrol said I think they are ugly as a
mules a$$ (just my opinion)

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