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I have PMS

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My girlfriend says I have pms, parked motorcycle syndrome. I thought it was fitting. I live in Canada, and of course it will be a while till I can ride (get the gravel off the rode). Anyways thought it was good for a laugh, have a good weekend all!

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Great joke

I'm gonna snag that one bro, thanks.

ackkkk....I went riding today...and it was nothing but beautiful. Too bad you live so far north...I'd say lets hook up and go riding.

I'll pray for you...because we all need some release from PMS.

arg, I dream about riding. I cant wait for summer. I would love to live somewhere warm year round, but then again this makes me appreciate summer that much more!!!
Hey Boss,
This Calgary weather has been killing me....just bought a 2001 R1 From Bow Cycle and havent picked it up cuz is been so frickin miserable out....
Now Vegas would be the place to go...HAve you had your new beast out yet?
Nope, not yet, but it is killing me too. I bought mine from Walt Healy's, and will pick it up at the end of this month. I will probably wait (for the most part) till all the gravel is picked up. I have seen lots of guys riding already, but I dont think I was to chance it. We will have to hook up and go for a ride soon! Where abouts in the City are you?
I live downtown.
A guy is going to have to be careful for a while with the ball bearings on the road...
Still hoping to pick the wheels up this week if it warms up.
Yup, I'm waiting for sure. not to bad if your careful I guess!
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