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The original source of my addiction. A 2009 that I had Jamie James put a full system on, and Ohlins front and rear. Sold that bike, regretted it ever since, so got a 2012 WGP 50th Anniv. #900 last year, and will begin tending to my addiction in about a week.

And the current drug-of-choice. Headed up to Superbikeunlimited on April 26th to get Ohlins shock and forks, and a whole host of goodies that will bankrupt me for a while.


I'm an Englishman in WI.
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with and without ram air / head work

160 rwhp - 81 ft/lbs torque + Ram Air

Motor :

Yosh Race cams
Pete Beale head work
YEC springs
Pistons lightened and balanced
Blue Printed Bottom End
Undercut Tranny
4 into 1 Full Race Akrapovic w/CF muffler
Milled head
Milled block

Tuning :

World of QB Carbon CF ram airbox
World of QB Carbon ram air snorkel
Custom balanced and pressurized float bowl setup
OEM 99 spec GSXR 750 needles
Bugaj quadraporte carb setup

Suspension / Brakes :

Brembo RCS 19 MC
Brembo 40mm Axial Billet Titanium pistons HP Race Monoblock 32/36 GP Calipers
Brembo 64mm Axial Billet P2.24 Race Rear Brake Caliper
320MM Galfer R7 front rotors
Yoyodyne 320MM disc brake adapters
Galfer rear rotor
Hudson Performance Engineering rear thumb brake
Ohlins R/T Forks
Ohlins Rear shock
Ohlins Steering damper w/Graves tank mount
Greg's Customs powder coated braced swingarm
SS brakelines

Electronics :

Dyno jet Wideband Commander
Dale Walker Holeshot Electric Shifter
+4 Factory ignition advancer
MAP sensor from 04 Yamaha R1
Takai Racing Ignition Coils
Electrosport rectifier
Electrosport stator

Misc :

BST CF wheels w/ceramic bearings front and rear
Pace Products race radiator w/Muzzy Aluminum fan and lower termo switch mod
Hafer Fuel cap
Gilles tooling rearsets
Xenon HID H4 kit
Shorai battery
World of QB Carbon CF frame protectors
World of QB Carbon CF chain underguard
World of QB Carbon CF vented front fender
CF Chain guard
CF Rear hugger
CF Front sproket cover
CF Clock surround
Vortex rear sprocket
Custom R1 seat cover w/ memory foam
Frame sliders
Factory billet engine covers
Rohm performance Ti exhaust hanger
Pro Bolt Ti Gold brake caliper bolts ( front and rear )
Pro Bolt Ti Gold rotor bolts ( front and rear )
Pro Bolt Ti Gold rear hugger bolts
Pro Bolt Ti Gold front fork pinch bolts
Pro Bolt Ti Gold triple clamp bolts
Pro Bolt Ti Gold handle bar bolts
Pro Bolt Aluminum Gold front fender bolts
Pro Bolt Aluminum Gold handle bar end bolts
Pro Bolt Aluminum Gold engine kit
Pro Bolt Aluminum Gold chain adjuster block set
Pro Bolt Aluminum Gold rear sprocket nuts
Pro Bolt Aluminum Gold brake / clutch perch pinch bolts
Pro Bolt Aluminum Black top yoke nut
Pro Bolt Ti rear axle nut
Pro Bolt Ti kickstand and side-stand switch bolts
Pete Lidster Titanium Front axle w/titanium axle nut and washers
Pete Lidster Titanium Rear axle w/titanium axle nut and washers
Pete Lidster Titanium Swingarm axle w/titanium axle nut and washers
Fast Frank Gold Rear Pull Cup
Kurveygirl Dzus fairing bolts
Gold swingarm spools

cockpit controls

Hudson Performance Thumb brake

Titanium axles

Brembo Billet HP Race Monoblock 34/38 GP Calipers

Brembo front and rear mounted with titanium bolts and Galfer rotors

Carbon Fiber Ram Air box

Pace radiator

engine crank breather vent to atmosphere

review the links in my signature for a review of the build and more pics.

Awesome build man :bow but, with so many trick and race parts, those grips and bar ends have to go :2bitchsla :lol

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my 09 R1


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This thread has a very high bar. Please keep it that way.

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Driven gas cap/Stomp Grip/Driven Grips/Lever protector/HT Moto Seat cover/Lacomoto Airbox cover/Sliders...

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Sato Rearsets/ Carbon hugger/ Carbon Swingarm cover/Marcheseni Rims/EK 520 yellow Chain/SuperSprox/Carbon Exhaust covers/Lacomoto Carbon Frame covers/ Supercorsa tires


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Marcheseni rims/BrakeTech rotors/Supercorsas

Ohlins rear TTX GP/ Rezzy Delete/


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Ohlins!!! TTX GP Ohlins FGRT forks/ Speigler Steel braided lines


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01 R1 With 03 Everything and 06 Lights

This is a very rough current version of my machine. Its visually down played at the moment but whats been done is very out of the ordinary. Its an 01 R1 that I got for a paint job and an 03 R1 that got for $700 married together. The paint job is very VERY temporary. I just wanted to ride the damn thing. Frame color is going bye bye - Its a strange color, in some light it looks fantastic and in others it looks terrible - like the light in the pictures. Bizarre.

MODS/Build Specs

01 Frame w/ 99 Rear Subframe
03 Forks / Triple / Wheel
03 Swing Arm / Shock/ 01 Wheel
03 Motor / Harnass / Cluster / FI
01 Body with lots of custom plastic fab work. All the plastics I used where junk - the rear was made form two OEM broken tails - All of the plastics I got free one way or another. The mods: Shave front Signals with "double barrel shotgun" style round LEDs for driving lights and indicators. Same thing in the rear.
06 Headlights worked into a heavily fabricated 01 front fairing


Has stock 01 exhaust with a modded ExUP.

Build the the frame up of course - Everything and I mean everything has adjusted as it went together or refreshed as necessary. Valves were measured w/ 23,000 miles and showed to be absolutely dead on perfect to the tightest setting! Cool! Forks rebuilt. Any wear and year part like brakes, clutch, chain is all new.


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2012 r1

Bought it brand new completely stock from a dealer in New York and had it shipped to the desert. Road it stock for a few months and the mods began.Majority of the mods are listed in the signature but there's a few more. Radar Screamer "A MUST HAVE". Pro-Bolt TI Bolts & Nuts, Driven Sprockets, YEC Clutch Springs, Saddleman seat, CV4 2.0 bar Rad Cap, RIZOMA Brake Fluid Reservoir, SBU Adjustable Linkage, Lacomoto Tank Cover and Candy Red PAZZO Levers. I would like to give a special THANK YOU to TJ at RIDERS DISCOUNT who saved me a fortune.


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